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The East Bay Print Sale

You're invited to our Print Sale! View and take home handmade prints from a selection of thousands. Every purchase supports local print artists and allows our community print studio to offer the most affordable access to D.I.Y. printmaking facilities in the Bay Area.

The East Bay Print Sale is hosted at Max's Garage Press. Dig through editions of unframed prints surrounded by the unique printing equipment used to make them. Explore work by local as well as international artists.

This free four-day event is open to the public. All ages are welcome.

Are you interested in Membership at Max's Garage Press? Consider giving the gift of a monthly membership to a printmaker you know! PURCHASE HERE

Frequently asked questions

Do I need reservations? No, you do not need reservations for any day of the event, not even the Preview day. You can just show up to the event during the open hours.

Is this event free to attend? Yes, it is free to attend on all days.

Can I purchase prints during the preview day? Yes you can. The preview day is the same as all the other days the only difference is that it runs from 3pm - 8pm

Can I come in before or after the event to purchase prints? No, we only sell prints during the event hours. You can view our online store to order prints by many of the artists year round if you cannot make it to the event.

How can I become a member of Max's Garage Press? You can sign up to be a member anytime. Just go to for all the info you will need.

How can I exhibit my work at the Print Sale? You are welcome to apply when the application is open. Click the Apply tab in the main menu. Otherwise, email to get on our Artists' mailing list.

Are dogs alllowed at the event? Yes, however your dog must be very friendly with people and be on a leash at all times. This may not be the best place to bring your dog due to the crowds of people, and, in most cases, we would encourage you not to.

Do you do this every day? No, we are only open once a year to the public for this four-day event. It takes us about 5 months of preparation to put on this event and 25 volunteers per day to run it.

How can I find out more about the artist who made the print I purchased? Each print in the sale has a code on the back side written in light pencil. Please email with the code and we can tell you about who the artist is and how the print was made.

For any inquiries, please reach out to

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